How To Make Coffee While Camping – 10 Pleasurable Ways

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When it’s all cold and chilly in the wilderness, one of the best things you can use the keep your body system warm is a cup of hot coffee. And this why it is essential to know how to make coffee camping

Unfortunately, making coffee in the wild is not the same as it is at home, as you won’t have access to the same resources. If you are someone who enjoys camping in cold weather, then pay attention to the information in this piece.

According to USA Today, coffee from freshly ground beans can be later turned into brew through a pour-over method, Cowboy coffee, and a Camping percolator.

There are several ways you can make your daily brew while camping, which I will list below. This will depend on the time you can afford to spend while making the coffee and how many tools and essentials you are willing to take along on your trip.

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10 Ways To Make Coffee While Camping

1. Make an Instant Coffee with a Good Coffee Brand (Alpine Start, Voila Instant Coffee), etc

Materials needed: Kettle, Instant Coffee, water.

Instant coffee is an excellent option for campers, despite its reputation being tainted. It is so easy to prepare. This coffee powder or coffee crystals is also referred to as Instant Coffee granules. They are made through the extraction of the bean part of brewed coffee.

A category of outdoor adventurers chooses instant coffee because it’s light and very ideal for backpacking. They will want to reduce the weight of their luggage and maximize space.

The exact steps to follow when brewing are:

  • Put the coffee granules into a cup of boiling water.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds, then stir and drink.
  • Use a stove or campfire to boil the water needed to get an excellent tasting coffee.


2. The Cowboy method of Coffee Making

Materials Needed: Little water, coffee grounds, and a Kettle.

The cowboy method is also suitable for those who don’t camp with much weight. Brewing coffee with this method is simple and, you only need a few resources, like a vessel of some sort (pot or kettle, usually), which can be placed on a camping stove or over a campfire.

  • The first step using the Cowboy method is to boil water in a kettle for the coffee.
  • Then, allow the water cool after boiling for a minimum of 6 minutes.
  • Next, pour in the coffee grounds into this water and stir. The mixture will give a sizzling sound when the coffee grounds initiate contact with the water. There might also be a production of foam from the mixture.
  • The coffee should sit for one or two minutes. Bring in your stirrer to mix the paste and allow it rest for another minute.
  • The coffee grounds will slowly settle at the bottom of your kettle. After this, you can pour the coffee slowly into a cup and drink.


3. Using a Coffee or Cult Brew Bag

Materials Needed: A Coffee bag (Coffee grounds, butchers twine, basket coffee filter), Water, and Kettle.

A convenient and quick way to get your caffeine prepared is with a Coffee bag. They help maximize space and are not difficult to clean up. Coffee bags can be bought from a store, or you can make them yourself at home. Stepped coffee is preferred for those in the cold-weather regions of the United States.

  • To make coffee with a Coffee bag, you have to put them into boiling and steam and brew for a few minutes over a cooking stove or fire.
  • Campers can also make their coffee bag through this method by taking the typical basket coffee filter and fill with a big spoon of coffee grounds after letting it lie flat.
  • Knot the filter well with butcher twine and leave it to dangle a bit, so you can have a tail to hold on to when you want to untie it, then cut off any excess filter.
  • After the coffee bag has been appropriately stepped from boiling, remove it from the kettle and turn out your coffee. It will be ready for drinking.


4.Brew your coffee with a Pour Over (s) – Single

Materials Needed: A Dripper, filter cone, Coffee grounds, Kettle, and Water.

Another good option for making your coffee is using pour-overs, with a filter cone. This filter cone uses the pour-over method to produce your coffee quickly. Simply rinse, clean, flatten it out for some minutes and, then pack it up when done using it.

  • With this method, open your filter cone forcefully with the bottom ring set at the top of your mug.
  • Inside this cone, put your coffee filter and then add the coffee.
  • Boil water inside the kettle you have made available for this process, and let it simmer for a while.
  • After boiling, pour enough water into the coffee.
  • Let the water seep for a minute, then pour the remaining water.
  • At this stage, you can remove your filter cone to access the coffee, then drink.


5. Use an Aeropress with Paper Filters (Aeropress coffee). French press + Pour Over

Materials Needed: Coffee grounds, AeroPress, kettle, and water.

The AeroPress device combines a pour-over and a French press. Using this method, you can achieve an espresso shot or an American coffee taste.

  • All you need do is add two spoons of coffee to the large tube inside your AeroPress container.
  • Let your coffee grounds bloom for 30 seconds after soaking.
  • Add hot water to the AeroPress chamber until it is filled.
  • Take a paddle and stir the coffee grounds.
  • Press down your plunger slowly with a sturdy mug after placing it in the device chamber. This will prevent your drink from spilling off from the AeroPress when you start pressing it down.
  • Add water to the mixture to give a taste.


6. Use Moka pots and a Campfire Stove

Materials Needed: A stovetop espresso maker, Coffee grounds, and a bowl of water.

“Moka pots,” also known as Stovetop espresso makers, do produce a vibrant and well-brewed coffee. This method of Coffee brewing is prevalent mostly in Europe.

  • To make coffee using a stovetop espresso maker, you need to fill the middle compartment with coffee and the lower compartment with water. You can also use Moka pots to brew coffee by setting on a campfire stove. Most of them are made from aluminum, so you need to be very careful with the handle.
  • Then, take its serving carafe and place it on the upper part.
  • Allow your water boil, during which you will notice the upward movement of the coffee extract inside the serving container.
  • The coffee at this point will be similar to an espresso, which is very sturdy and strong.


7.  Make coffee with double-lined stainless steel or plastic French press

Materials Needed: Kettle, French coffee maker, Coffee grounds, and water.

French coffee makers are produced from durable materials that can either be double-lined plastic or stainless steel, which is ideal for most camp environments.

  • When making the coffee, you need to use one cup of water per scoop of coffee ground.
  • Boil water and let it cool for half a minute.
  • Turn a half portion of the water into the French press while waiting for your coffee to form.
  • Pour the water left after one minute.
  • The coffee water should be allowed to steep in the coffee for a couple of minutes. Though, if you want it stronger, let it stay for more than 180 seconds.
  • Press lightly on the French Press plunger.
  • Turn out your coffee and enjoy it.


8. Use a Camping Coffee percolator with an enamel Covering

Materials Needed: Coffee grounds, Coffee percolator, and water.

A Coffee percolator is so easy to use. They function through a cycling process, by cycling water over and over, through the coffee grounds until the desired texture is achieved.

  • To brew coffee using a percolator, fill the bottom chamber with water.
  • At the top chamber of the percolator, put about a teaspoon.
  • Place the device over a heat source of your choice and heat.
  • When done brewing, allow the coffee to percolate.


9. Use a Portable Bripe Coffee Maker

Materials Needed: Butane Lighter, Bripe, Coffee grounds, and water.

The procedure of coffee making with a Bripe maker is very portable. It takes only a few minutes and a jet flame-like lighter.

Sincerely, the Bripe is notably a unique coffee brewing system that exists up to date. It is very efficient in terms of use.

  • Put your coffee and water into the Bripe, and then stir properly.
  • With a Butane blue flame lighter, heat the base of the Bripe.
  • Allow the coffee cool for a while, then drain the coffee from the stem of the coffee maker.


10. Make Coffee with a Hand-Powered Espresso Maker

Materials Needed: Coffee grounds, Metal filter, Hand-Powered Espresso Maker, and Water.

Manual espresso makers produce very strong and excellent coffee. They can be carried anywhere as they are handy. Depending on your skills, you should find brewing your coffee easy with the device.

  • When making coffee through this method, the first step is to leave boiling water in the espresso maker for half a minute.
  • Then, add the grounded coffee to the boiled water.
  • Do not bother to tamp the coffee, as the espresso’s lid will do the job.
  • Allow the Coffee settle, and then you start pumping.
  • Pour the mixture into a cup, after the formation of a rich, browny layer at the surface.



There are various ways you can make your coffee while camping. It is either you stick to easier methods (using instant coffee) or the cowboy method.

All of the above-listed methods are quite simple and fun and can be completed within a few minutes. Just ensure you buy devices of the highest quality for this process to get the best coffee experience, especially in the cold weather.

With this information, you will be able to make coffee conveniently with just the push of a button, and you can simply answer if anyone poses on a question on “how to make coffee camping”

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