Essential Cold Weather Camping Tips to Keep Warm

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For anyone who wants to go camping in cold weather, it is of utmost importance that you keep yourself warm. Not only will staying warm give you a more comfortable time, but it will help you to survive if you’re camping in more extreme conditions.

Here are just a handful of tips that you can follow to keep yourself warm and as comfortable as possible when you go camping in colder climates.

Keep Yourself Warm!

Layer Up

Perhaps obvious advice to most, you will want to wear multiple layers of clothing to keep yourself warm. Stacking up on clothes will help trap heat close to your body while also assisting in keeping the elements as far away from your skin as possible.

Swap that Sweaty Sweater!

When wearing all those layers, you may end up sweating, even if it is freezing outside! You will want to bring an extra base layer of clothing that you can change into if ever you begin to get soaked in sweat.

You don’t want to stay in your sweaty undergarments because the sweat will cool as it dries, leaving you shivering even beneath all of your layers of jackets.

Double up on Sleeping Bags

In very cold climates, one sleeping bag probably won’t be enough. Bring along two so that you can wrap yourself up tight and stay warm even in the coldest of climates. Most quality sleeping bags will provide more than enough insulation to keep you warm once they are doubled up.

Leave Your Tent Open

Yes, it may sound crazy, but leave a partial opening in your tent while you sleep (should the weather permit). This will help to release the hot air that is built up within the tent as you sleep. The hot air that comes out when you breathe will meet the tent’s fabric, which is cold, creating condensation that can freeze, turning your warm tent into a freezer.

Keep Eating and Drinking

Constantly giving your body fuel to function is key to staying warm. The more you eat, the warmer your internal temperature will be, and the more comfortable you will stay. Likewise, drinking enough water and avoiding dehydration is very important.

Because it is cold, you may forget that you need to drink. Make sure always to stay properly hydrated since failing to do so will impede your body’s ability to keep itself warm!

Flatten Where You’ll Sleep

When finding a spot to set up your tent, you will want to scrape away any snow beneath your planned pitching spot and then flatten out the ground there. Exposing the dirt beneath is preferable.

Flattening out the ground will help to keep you warm since your body and sleeping bag will lay flat against the ground, preventing an uneven surface where cold air can get in beneath your body. Polar explorer Eric Larson even digs a small trough to prevent himself from rolling about and getting hit by cold air.

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Following these simple tips when going out on a camping trip in the cold will help to keep you warm and as comfortable as possible throughout the trip.

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