10 Essential Romantic Camping Tips for Couples

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Are you thinking of a romantic getaway for you and your significant other? Why not go on a romantic camping trip? You can explore the outdoors together and escape the monotonous boredom of regular, everyday life.

Camping offers both of you an opportunity to enjoy the company of each other without any disturbance or distraction. Camping also offers a less-expensive alternative to expensive restaurants, cinemas, and other costly dates.

In this article, we’ll show you some romantic camping tips for couples that will make your camping trip with your lover much better.

1. Go with a double sleeping bag

A double sleeping bag will make things much more intimate and cozier in the tent. Imagine yourself snuggling next to your partner and getting warmed up from their body heat in the thick of the night.

Look for a double sleeping bag with great reviews and extra protection.

2. Go with a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage

No rule stops you from bringing a bottle of wine along with you on your camping trip. Think about the bliss and satisfaction of cracking open a bottle of your favorite wine and pouring yourself glasses while sitting next to the warmth of your campfire.

You can purchase special wine carriers that will safely hold your wine bottle and glasses and prevent them from falling and breaking.    

3. Go along with romantic colored lights

Give your tent a romantic theme by stringing special colored LED string lights all over the insides of your tent. You can also have the lights outside on the trees and little shrubs around your tent.

Some of the lights are powered by a battery and solar devices. These will work almost anywhere you need to create a romantic environment with your partner.

You can also go with special lanterns.  Avoid candles as these can set fire to your tent and other inflammable items around.

4. Travel with an astronomy guide

Go with an astronomy guide, so you and your lover can have fun studying the stars while snuggling. Sit with your partner and identify the diverse array of stars in the night sky.

Have fun finding shapes in the clouds during the day. Watch the sunrise and sunset together. It’s often a unique experience doing these in the outdoors. Do this while having intimate conversations with one another.

5. Buy a loveseat camp chair

Of course, you can go camping with two portable camp chairs like everyone else. But you can make things more intimate by purchasing a loveseat camp chair.

These portable loveseats can accommodate two people comfortably and provide enough room for curling up with a blanket. You can also carry out several other couple activities while sitting together closely.       

6. Go along with speakers for playing romantic music

Create the romantic atmosphere you need at your campsite by firing up romantic music and playing them via portable speakers.

Before heading for camp, create a lovely playlist and compile songs that both of you love. That way, you’ll have fun singing along to the music. It will also leave you with memories that will last forever.

Suggested romantic music artists include Adele, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Ed Sheeran, and more.

If you can play a musical instrument, bring it along and serenade your lover with a lovely, romantic song.

7. Pack competitive board and card games with you

Board and card games can help to create a fun, competitive atmosphere between you and your partner. During the course of playing the games, you get to know each other better and stimulate your brains.

The games will also keep you from getting bored. Go along with board games like scrabble, chess, monopoly, draughts, and more.

8. Have a double camp date with another couple

Tired of camping alone with your lover? Why don’t you switch things up and try something new? Bring along another couple to your camping trip. They could come with their separate tent, or you can decide to camp in a large tent.

If you are camping in a large tent, you could still bring along your double sleeping bag to create space for yourself and your partner in the tent.

9. Explore the outdoors together

Have fun exploring the outdoors with physical activities like hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. You can also use your vehicle to explore the nearest dirt roads close to you. You can keep things to a leisurely pace to make it more romantic and enjoyable.

If you are paddling, you can leave only one partner to steer the vessel while the other partner sits back, relaxes, and enjoys themselves.

10. Ensure that your partner is as comfortable as possible

Regardless of all the other tips mentioned above, if you and your partner aren’t comfortable, you won’t enjoy the camping trip.

Ensure that you go along with bug repellant cream, good food, good beverages, portable battery packs, proper clothing, blankets, bedsheets, pillows, and other items that will make your camping trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

While some couples frown at bringing laptops, iPads, and portable media players along to a camping trip, some will enjoy the idea of “Netflix and Chill” under the stars.

If your partner is new to camping, you can ease them into the activity gradually. You could start with basic activities and campsites with hot showers, electricity, and other amenities that will make their camping experience better.

Do your best to incorporate your partner’s hobbies into the camping trip. If they love cooking, photography, painting, or other activities, you can find a way to experience them in the outdoors.

Do what works fine for you and your partner. The key is to enjoy yourself and have fun camping together.


Camping is a great way to spice up your relationship and know your partner more intimately. It’s a good way to find yourself and discover romance amidst the irregular, sometimes uncomfortable side of nature.

With the camping tips for couples in this article, you can turn a regular camping trip into a lifetime romantic adventure. This will give you and your partner something to look forwards to all the time.


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