31 Camping Gift Ideas Every Camper Will Appreciate

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Do you have a friend, loved one, colleague, or family member who enjoys camping in the great outdoors? Are you looking for the perfect gift for them? Are you looking for gift items that they will appreciate and remain grateful for?

In this article, we’ll be showing you 31 interesting camping gift ideas that every camper will appreciate.

1. Portable fast-drying towels

These portable, lightweight towels are small, light, and easy to pack. They’ll come in handy after a bath at the campsite. You can buy one or two packs for any camper, and they’ll be sure to thank you for it.

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2. Stylish rain boots

These stylish boots are different from your regular boring-looking rain boots. While they are tough enough for the campsite, they remain stylish and comfortable to wear.   

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3. Hot and cold water bottle

This water bottle has the dual advantage of storing both hot and cold water. It can make hot water remain hot for hours, and it can make cold water to remain chilled for hours. It’s something that’ll come in very handy at the campsite. Your friends will love it.

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4. Magic mug

When hot water is poured into these mugs, they reveal a particular image. These mugs can be customized with special pictures of your choice.

You could get special pictures or photographs of your camper family and friends at events and special moments, then print these on the mugs.       

There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire and sipping hot tea from a magic mug gifted from a friend with a picture or quote that means so much to you.

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5. Customized camping socks

These multi-purpose all-weather socks can be customized with images and pictures of your choice. They can be worn anytime, and they serve as perfect gifts for any camper.      

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6. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

These Bluetooth speakers are waterproof up to a certain depth and for some minutes. This makes them very durable. The batteries also last for hours, so a camper could charge them before heading to the campsite and enjoy them for the duration of their camping trip.

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7. Customized Camping T-shirts

Customize t-shirts with camping memes, pictures, photos, quotes, and any other thing of your choice and present them to your family members and friends. They’ll be sure to thank you for this.

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8. Backpacks

Every camper will appreciate the gift of a backpack. You can buy strong, sturdy backpacks with multiple compartments and a water bottle holder.

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9. Antique, carved roasting sticks.

These roasting sticks come with specially decorated wooden handles. They are a lovely sight to behold at the campsite.

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10. Foldable camping table

This foldable camping table is portable and lightweight. It’s also sturdy enough to hold almost anything you place on it. It’ll make a good gift for any camper.

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11. Foldable camping chair

This foldable camping chair is so portable, light, and comfortable to sit on. It’s easy to pack, among other items, when heading to a campsite. Buy it for any camper, and they’ll remain forever grateful to you.

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12. Power banks

Portable power banks or power packs are useful for charging phones and gadgets, especially at campsites without electricity supply. These power banks can charge multiple devices simultaneously and contain enough power to charge a phone multiple times.

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13. Camping books and guides

If your loved one is an avid reader, why not gift them a book on one of their favorite hobbies? There are several camping books, cookbooks, and guides available. Look for a good one that you think will interest them and purchase it for them.  

14. Portable lamps

These portable lamps last for several hours, and they make for unique gifts for that camper that you love. They’ll come in really handy at the campsite.

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15. Portable hammock

This portable hammock is easy to fold and pack. It’s also customizable and comes in different colors. It’s nice to unwind it, take it to the campsite, and hang between poles for some relaxing time. Read; Best Camping Hammock for The Money

16. Camping emergency kit

This emergency kit comes with everything that a camper needs in the outdoors. It includes items like a compass, first-aid devices, and more. Gift them to any friend of yours, and they will thank you.

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17. Cooler

These coolers are great for storing drinks on ice. They are useful for camping trips, picnics, family cookouts, and other events. They are also available in various sizes. Read our review of some of the best small coolers for camping

18. Camping paperweight

You can get unique-paperweights that are designed as miniature camping items. They could be in the form of mini-RV vans, plastic campfires, plastic tents, etc.

These paperweights look lovely in any office, and they do a good job of reminding your loved ones about their camping hobby. Anytime they are having a bad day at work, they can look at the paperweight and get reenergized or motivated.

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19. Camping bobblehead

Get these nice looking bobbleheads for your loved ones. They come in the form of a nice-looking dressed camper with a friendly face. Good for a nice pat on the head in the car, inside a camping tent, or anywhere at home.

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20. Insulated sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag is a must-have for any camper. This insulated sleeping bag will protect and keep them warm and looking nice. See 10 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under 200 Dollars

21. Headlamp

This headlamp does an excellent job of lighting the way for any camper. It is suitable for the evenings, nights, and early mornings.

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22. Folding pocket knifes

Pocket knives are handy for any camping trip. They are multi-purpose and can be used for several things, from cooking to carving.  

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23. Portable first-aid kit

This portable first-aid kit is useful and contains bandages, tourniquets, painkillers, and other necessary items that should be in a first-aid kit.

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24. Cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillets are necessary for cooking over a campfire. They come in different sizes and weights. Buy one for any camper close to you, and they’ll appreciate you.

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25. Inflatable camping pillow

This pillow comes in the form of a small, foldable, compact cloth. But it can be inflated to make a nice pillow for resting the head and remaining comfortable at the campsite.

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26. Camping-related painting or photograph

You can gift your loved one a camping-related painting or photograph that they can hang anywhere they want. These are nice, decorative gifts that do a fantastic job of reminding your family and friends of good times at the campsite.

27. Portable one-person tents

These portable one-man tents are comfortable and easy to pack. A camper can never have too many tents. Gift them one, and they’ll appreciate it.

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28. Portable, inflatable air mattress

This air mattress is lightweight and super comfortable to sit and sleep on. Get one for your camper friends. Anytime they use it, they’ll thank you in their minds.    

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29. Waterproof hiking boots

These hiking boots are good for covering distances in trails and engaging in other physical activities when camping. No number of boots is too much for any camper. Gift them these boots, and they’ll appreciate you.

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30. Water filter pack

This personal water filter pack can filter up to 1000 liters of water. It is good for those that don’t trust the drinking or cooking water sources at some campsites.

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31. Beanie hat

This beanie hat is super comfortable to wear and lightweight. It also looks attractive on almost any clothing. You can get it in any color for your friends.

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All the camping gift ideas for campers here are perfect gifts that every camper will love and be deeply grateful to you. Even if they’ve owned one of these before, they won’t mind having another spare one.

Thankfully, every item on this list differs in price so, you’ll find something worthwhile to buy no matter your budget.

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