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9 Best & Safe Tent Heaters for Camping During The Winter

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Camping during winter can be fun, but the cold conditions can also make things a bit challenging. Luckily, there are safe tent heaters for camping you can purchase to keep you warm.

Since using heaters has its pros and cons, it essential to go for a safe one, so you are less at risk. There are various types available for you to purchase, but before you get one, you have to consider certain factors.

These factors will be discussed later on in the buying guide but for now, check my list of some of the best safe tent heaters you can purchase according to their top features;

Best Safe Tent Heaters for Camping in 2021 – Our Best Picks

The Best Overall – Camco 57341 Olympian Wave-6

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This Camco 57341 Olympian Wave-6 heater is a top-quality heater you can take along for camping. I take it to be the best safe tent heater for camping due to its outstanding features.

The heater generates heat from a flameless catalytic combustion process with low-pressure propane gas and radiates it evenly across the room, and it does this without wasting any heat. It does not make any noise while on,

You can heat a room up to 230 square feet with it, and it delivers up to 6,000 BTU per hour. The BTU capacity can be adjusted from 3200 to 6,000 BTU per hour. This product features an inbuilt auto piezoelectric sparker for easy ignition and has a shut-off valve for safety which prevents accidental ignition.

With a weight of 14 pounds, this heater is light, which means it can be easily transported. It is a portable unit, and you can mount it in a horizontal or vertical position.

This heater is recommended for purchase mainly because there is no flame during operation, which makes it safe.


  • Easy to start
  • Safe to use
  • Silent
  • Safety shut off valve
  • Lightweight
  • High BTU capacity
  • Adjustable BTU


  • High cost


The Best For Budget – Stansport Portable Outdoor Infrared Propane Heater

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If you are planning on spending less on getting a tent heater for your camp, you can consider going for this one from Stansport.

It is an infrared propane heater that emits 3,100 BTUs of heat, and the heat can be adjusted between low, medium, and high. You will need to get propane cylinders separately as it comes with none.

Starting the heater is easy as it features a matchless electronic ignition. You can focus the heat on the particular spot you want with the included metal dish, and it has a rear cage for safety.

For portability, you won’t have any issues with the Stansport Portable Outdoor Infrared Propane Heater as it is super lightweight. It weighs just close to 2 pounds and can be transported with the least worry, and it has an easy carry handle too.

I recommend this heater if affordability is of top importance to you, it is a cost-friendly product.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to start
  • Matchless electronic ignition


  • No gas cylinders
  • Heats only small space
  • Ignition does not work too well


The Best For Portability – Trustech Portable Ceramic Space Heater

From Trustec, we have this very portable ceramic space heater you would find very easy to carry around.

It is lightweight with just 3.8 pounds of weight and features integrated carry handles for top portability. This electric heater is easy to control and can be set at either 750W on low heat or 1,500W on high heat. You turn it on and off via the thermostat knob.

You get sufficient heat due to the oscillation function, and it can cover up to 190 Square feet with overheating protection, so it does not get too hot. There is also a tip-over switch that shuts down the heater when it is knocked down accidentally.

If you need a product you can easily carry around in your camp this product will make the right buying choice. It is compact and optimized for portability.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Carry handles
  • Adjustable heat setting
  • Over-heating protection
  • Tip-over switch


  • Bit noisy
  • Not very durable


The Best For Heat – Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy RV Propane Heater

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The Big Buddy from Mr. Heater is a tent heater to go for if your tent is a large one as it has so much heat to offer.

This superheater uses propane gas to generate heat and is capable of heating up to 450 square feet. With it, you get 4,000 on low heat, 9,000 on medium heat, and an amassing 18,000 on high heat. You can easily adjust between any of these with the knob.

It is safe to use as it features an auto shut-off when it is accidentally tipped over, it also goes off when the oxygen level is low and if the pilot light goes out.

The heater does not come with a propane tank; you do need one to use it so you will purchase it separately. It has a bit of weight as it weighs about 17 pounds, but the featured carry handle still makes it easy to carry around.

With the high heat BTU this heater has, it is sure to provide you with all the warmth you need while out and camping in the cold.


  • High heat output
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Carry handle
  • Broad square coverage
  • Easy to use


  • Bit heavy
  • High cost
  • Propane tank not included


The Best Electric – Opolar 1500W Ceramic Space Heater

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For electric tent heaters, the 1500W Ceramic Space Heater from Opolar is my best pick out there, and it is a very safe one.

It heats fast and has three modes which include, low heat of 1,000W, high heat of 1,500W, and a fan, so you get to choose your preference. This device does not make too much noise; it operates in an almost silent way.

The heater features an auto overheat system that shuts it off when it overheats and also a tip-over switch that shuts it off when it is tipped over. It has a lightweight of 3.5 pounds and an integrated carry handle for portability.

The Opolar 1500W Ceramic Space Heater is a quality electric tent heater you can go for; it does not consume much power and is covered with a one-year warranty.


  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Low noise
  • Overheat protection
  • Tip-over switch
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Not very durable
  • Not for large spaces

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Other Best & Safe Tent Heaters For Camping

1. Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Propane Heater

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This is a safe tent heater that can cover a space of up to 90 square feet. It has a 45-degree heating angle and lasts for up to 6 hours on a tank.

For heat, it puts out a maximum of 3,800 BTUs per hour, which is quite impressive, and it makes no noise while operating. It has the tip-over safety feature to prevent accidents and also a low oxygen detector that alerts you when the oxygen level is low. It does not come with a propane tank so you would order one separately.

This propane heater is a portable one. It weighs close to 6 pounds, which is light and has a compact size. It has a carry handle too which can be folded down, so it takes up less space.


  • 45 degrees heating angle
  • Tip-over shut off
  • Low oxygen detector
  • Carry handle
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • No noise


  • Not for RVs
  • No propane tank is included
  • Fixed heat output


2. Camco 57331 Olympian Wave-3 Catalytic Gas Heater

The Camco brand produces some of the best gas heaters out there – this Olympian wave-300 happens to be one of such. This heater can heat up to 100 square feet in a pleasant environment.

Its maximum heat output is 3,000 BTUs per hour, but it can be set at a minimum of 1,600. The safety shut off valve makes this product safe for use as it prevents accidental ignition. Starting it is easy with the built-in piezoelectric sparker.

There would be no need to worry about noise as this heater makes none. You would need at least a 20lb propane tank for this heater, and that will be bought separately as none is included.

The weight of this heater is about 6 pounds, which is not heavy and so can be easily transported.


  • Lightweight
  • Safety shut off valve
  • Easy to start
  • Inbuilt piezoelectric sparker
  • No noise
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Heats up to 100 square feet


  • No propane tank
  • Emits a bit much of CO so cannot be run for too long


3. Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater

Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater safe tent heaters
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Here we have a portable propane heater from Texsport with a heat output of 3,000 BTUs. It is suitable for camping and safe to use as well.

The heat output is adjustable via a regulator valve, and the heater has a plastic base where a gas tank will be placed – it does not come with any.

With an auto shut-off valve, the heater shuts off when the flame goes out, and there is a safety grid that protects you from accidental contact with the flames.

The weight of this heater is light, and it is sold at a very affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Good heat output
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Auto shut off valve
  • Safety grid
  • Lightweight


  • No gas tank
  • Steel gets extremely hot


4. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Buddy Propane Radiant Heater

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Just like other Mr. Heater products on this list, this has high heat output with a low heat of 4,000 BTU and 9,000 BTU high heat per hour.

You can position it at different angles, and it also features an inbuilt piezo igniter for easy ignition. It has a high-temperature wire guard that prevents overheating and an auto shut-off when it is tipped over.

There is a low oxygen sensor that checks the oxygen level in the tent and turns off the heater when it gets low. No noise is what you experience when you use this heater.

With a weight of 9 pounds and a carry handle, transporting this heater won’t be a stress. The handle can be folded, so it takes up less space for storage.


  • High heat output
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Easy to start
  • High temp wire guard
  • Low oxygen sensor
  • No noise
  • Auto shut off
  • Carry handle
  • Portable


  • Does not come with a gas tank
  • Consumes much gas


Choosing the Best Heater for Tent Camping  – The Ultimate Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we will be discussing things to consider when buying a safe tent heater and also other things you should be aware of.

Since there are various types of tent heaters available, there are some critical factors to consider to ensure that the best one is purchased. Some of these factors include;

Heater Type

The first to consider is the type of tent heater you want to buy. The common types you would find are electric and gas tent heaters, and we shall be discussing them.

  • Electric tent heaters: just as the name implies, these types of tent heaters make are powered by electricity. This means that they need to be plugged into a power source for them to work, and when out in a camp, sourcing for electricity might be difficult.

Electric tent heaters would be more convenient to use if you are camping in a recreational vehicle (RV). Otherwise, you would need to carry a small generator along with you.

However, electric tent heaters are usually more affordable than gas tent heaters, so a lot of people still prefer them.

  • Gas tent heaters: these heaters need propane gas to function, and they are capable of producing more heat than electric tent heaters. They are also more common but can be a lot riskier.

The major risk associated with using gas tent heaters is the possible release of carbon monoxide, which can be poisonous. It is recommended that you get a carbon monoxide monitor if you are getting a gas tent heater so you can protect yourself from this gas.

However, there are some gas heaters like the Camco 57341 Olympian Wave-6 that uses catalytic combustion, so they are safer.

Heater Size

The size of the heater is something you do not want to skip and this also has to do with its dimensions and weight.

When buying a tent heater for camping, getting something very portable is important, and this can be gotten by purchasing a lightweight and compact heater. An ideal example of this is the Trustech Portable Ceramic Space Heater.

Heat Capacity

How many BTUs of heat would you be needing? This has to do with the size of the tent; a huge tent would need a high BTU heater and vice versa.

It is recommended to go for heaters with adjustable heat settings, this way you can set it at either low, medium, or high heat. If you would like a heater with high heat output, you can consider the Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy RV Propane Heater.

Noise Level

Some heaters can be very noisy while others operate silently. For this reason, you should check the noise level of the heater you are purchasing, if not for your sake, then for others who are camping with you.

Gas heaters such as the Camco 57341 Olympian Wave-6 are known for low noise levels.

Safety Features

Since you need a safe tent heater, you should look for safety features that can be of advantage. Some of these features include;

  • Overheat protection: this is a very important feature for safety as it prevents the heater from overheating. The tech uses a temperature sensor to shut down the heater when it gets too hot. It can be a lifesaver
  • Tip-over switch: the work of a tip-over switch is to shut down the heater when it is accidentally knocked over. This can prevent fire accidents and electric shock in electric heaters.
  • Auto turns off: though not common, this is a feature you should look out for. With this feature, you set the heater to go off at a particular time, usually hourly intervals. This is advantageous in cases where you fall asleep while your heater is on.
  • Low oxygen sensor: this feature will help detect when the oxygen level in your tent is low and blow off an alarm so you can turn off your heater.

Ease of use

No one wants a product that is difficult to operate, some tent heaters are like that, and you should avoid them.

To be able to use a tent heater with ease, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them as well.


In the end, it all falls to cost – the amount you will pay for your heater. The price of tent heaters, especially the gas ones is mostly on the high side though the quality is not cheap.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to spend much on getting a tent heater, there are low-priced ones you can go for such as the Stansport Portable Outdoor Infrared Propane Heater.

Tent Heaters – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions customers ask when getting a tent heater;

Q: Is it safe to use a gas tent heater?

A: it is safe if you use it safely, and one way to do that is by getting a carbon monoxide detector. Also, try to keep the area well ventilated when possible, so there can be proper inflow and outflow of air.

Q: Do I need a Carbon Monoxide monitor when using a gas tent heater?

A: Yea, you do. It would help you detect carbon monoxide and protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Q: Can a tent heater start a fire?

A: it is possible if it is kept close to, or if it comes across flammable materials. You should place your heater about 3 feet away from anything else.

Q: How long will a gas tent heater run on a small gas tank?

A: the heat output of a heater generally affects how long it will run on any tank. A small gas tank should last about 7 hours on low heat and at least three on high heat.

Q: Is it safe to heat a tent overnight while I am sleeping?

A: it is not, and you should avoid doing such. You can run your tent heater a few hours or minutes before you go to bed but do not leave it overnight, anything g can happen while you sleep.

Q How long does a tent heater take to cool down?

A: This depends on how much heat it emits. Nevertheless, it should not take long, about 15 minutes at most.

Safety Tips When Using a Tent Heater

Ensuring that you have a safe experience with your tent heater is not just by getting one that is safe to use, there are some things you should do yourself too. Below are little tips that you can follow to ensure you use your heater safely.

  • Position your heater at least 3-foot away from other items
  • For propane heaters, use the proper type of fuel as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Do not leave your tent heater on all through the night
  • Do not leave your tent heater on when there is no one in the tent
  • Ensure that there is proper ventilation inside the tent
  • Get a carbon monoxide monitor to avoid poisoning

Following these simple tips will go a long way in ensuring that you have no safety issues with using your tent heater.

Final Thoughts

Getting a reliable tent heater might not be so easy but following this above review and buying guide should make it effortless for you. From the tent heaters listed, you can make your choice depending on your interest and also your budget.

9 Best & Safe Tent Heaters for Camping
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