The Best Camper Trailer for the Money in 2021

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Are you preparing for a camping event? You might be concerned about your convenience while camping, you may need a place to rest, to eat, and to carry out your other activities. Many have enjoyed making use of camper trailers that provide you with the fun-filled tour you desire. Camper trailers are the best options except you are going for a more expensive camper van. In this article are some of the best camper trailers you can make use of during your next camping event, they are the best camper trailer for the money.

Criteria for Selecting The Best Camper Trailer for Family of 6

Below are some essential criteria to consider before getting a camper trailer for a family of 6;

  • Size: it is very important to consider the size of the camper trailer you are buying. For a family of 6, the requirement will be different from families of 2. The bigger the camper trailer, the more comfortable you are while using it. It reduces the fun if the trailer does not accommodate everyone.
  • Weight: before going on camping in a trailer, it is best to get ones that are light enough to make towing easier for your car. It is a huge waste of money if the trailer you buy is too heavy for your car to tow.
  • Trailer insulation: you must also remember to get camper trailers that are highly insulated. Some trailers are designed to be used inside cold weather, while others are designed for hot weather. If you get the wrong trailer for the weather, this will make the camping less interesting, and it might even put the health of others at risk.
  • Accessories: it is good to have all your accessories in the camper trailer, you can go for camper trailers that contain kitchens, and other essentials that you will be using.

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5 Best Camper Trailer for Family Of 6

1. Bruder EXP 6 Camper Trailers

Bruder EXP 6 Camper Trailers
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This is a monster trailer perfect for all camping trips. This camper trailer can easily and comfortably accommodate families of 6 since it is very spacious and large. This sleeper features a working shower, pop-top roof, and two cooking areas both indoor and outdoor. This trailer also has a working air conditioner, fridge, queen-sized bed, etc. The Bruder camper trailer also has off-road tires, which makes it easier to travel to any location without hindrance. The trailer suspension is of high quality as it is built by Optimus Prime. With this camper trailer, you can always feel at home and enjoy every second spent camping. The trailer has an overall weight of 1,980 kg, and a total length of 6273mm.

2. Keystone Outback Ultralight 210URS

Keystone Outback Ultralight 210URS
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This is camper trailer big enough to accommodate families of six. This camper trailer has a carrying capacity of 1910 lbs, it has a length of 23 inches, and a height of 10 feet and 7 inches. This makes it extremely perfect for all families preparing for camping trips. This trailer comes with several appliances like a refrigerator, AM/FM/CD/and other players. It has both an oven and microwaves etc. The trailer also has a bathroom with several features. The bedroom features USB charging spots, storage sections, a deluxe innerspring mattress, TV Hook-up, and many more. The kitchen of this trailer has deep, single-basin sinks with three different drains. It has trash can storage, and two doors amongst others. The living area carries vinyl flooring, panoramic windows, USB charging ports, and LED lighting.

3. Forest River Salem 31KQBTS

Forest River Salem 31KQBTS
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This is another nice camper trailer that is designed for a camping family. It is specially designed for a family going on a camping trip and will need to separate the adults from the children. This trailer features separated living spaces. The adult room has a queen-sized bed and entertainment center where relaxation in peace is guaranteed. The room also has shelves and wardrobes on each side of the room. The back of the trailer also has two sets of bunk beds that are separated by carpeted floors where your children can enjoy themselves. The trailer also features another entertainment center, which is perfect for rainy days. The backroom also has two wardrobes where your kids can keep their property. The overall weight of 7,940 lbs, length of 36 feet and inches. Height of 11 feet and 3 inches.

4. Shasta Oasis 18BH Travel Trailer

Shasta Oasis 18BH Travel Trailer
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This camping trailer is home away from home. It provides you with the space, comfort, and fun you want for both yourself and your family. The design will probably make you forget that you are inside a trailer. The design is stylish and aesthetic. You can select either the chocolate or the platinum style. The trailer contains several storage compartments. The front part of the trailer helps you, separate adults, from kids and give you the privacy you desire. The kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave oven, burner stovetops, etc. The trailer has an overall weight of 3182 lbs, length of 22 feet and 6 inches, loading capacity of 1568 lbs, and height of 10 inches, and six feet.

5. Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer 272LHS

Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer 272LHS
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This is a great travel trailer perfect for large families who values entertainment. It features an entertainment system both internally and externally. The booster makes it easier for you to get signals at all times. It has a media system like CD/DVD/MP3’s, and Bluetooth speakers. You have the option to choose the standard travel trailer or the luxury travel trailer depending on your camping goals. The trailer has sleeping spaces at opposite ends of the trailer; this makes it easier to get private time away from the group. The overall weight of 6013 lbs, length of 30 feet and 8 inches, the loading capacity of 1767 lbs, and height of 8 feet.

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If you are preparing to go camping with a camper trailer, trust me the ones reviewed above are all designed to help you enjoy every moment spent camping. They are the best camper trailer for a family of 6, and the trailer that gives you your money value. Lay hands on any of these and be sure that you will be safe, protected, and enjoy unlimited fun in a beautiful and stylish environment.

The Best Camper Trailer for the Money
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