Best Camping Chair for Big Guys 2021 – Heavy Duty Outdoor Chairs Reviews

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You’ll need to relax after going out and about your camping activities, and in such a scenario, a chair is very ideal. If perhaps you have weight, you can’t just get any chair; instead, you have to go for the best camping chair for big guys. Such chairs are heavy-duty chairs and optimized to handle weight efficiently

But then, how would you know which chairs are the best heavy duty camping chairs from the numerous options in the market? Not to worry, this article will list out the best options you can go for, and there’s also the buying guide to help. Check out the products below;

10 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs – Our Picks


1. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

This product is one of the best-selling products to be produced by the ALPS Mountaineering brand. The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair measures about 25 inches in width and 38 inches in height. It is a sturdy chair with a “king kong” style and is available in multiple colors, including black, blue, khaki, light gray, and salsa.

This ALPS camping chair has a frame made with powder-coated steel, and the fabric used is 600D polyester. You won’t have to worry about assembling because the chair comes assembled and ready to use. There are side pockets and cup holders on both of the chair’s armrests, giving you additional storage space. Also, you’ll find a larger pocket at the back of the chair for even more space.

This chair is recommended as one of the best heavy-duty camping chairs as it has a maximum weight capacity of 800 lbs. The chair itself weighs about 15 pounds. But despite the significant weight, it shouldn’t be difficult to transport as it is foldable. A carry bag is provided to ensure convenient transportation and also storage.


  • 800 lbs maximum weight
  • Sturdy materials
  • Storage spaces & cup holders
  • Comes assembled
  • Foldable
  • Carry bag

  • Material not UV resistant
  • Screws might back out

2. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock

Kijaro XXL Dual Lock
Kijaro XXL Dual Lock

This is a chair for the XXL dudes. It features a no-sag design and comes in 7 color variations, including Vik black, blue iguana, Maldives blue, Hallet peak, yellow, red, and Desert orange. The chair has a length of 28.3, a 39.5 width, and about 40 inches in height.

Alloy steel was used in the construction of the chair frame, while the fabric used is diamond ripstop polyester. Being a folding chair, it is easy to assemble and disassemble at any time. When it’s in use or folded, there are locks to keep it in place, and the lock is operated with a push-button.

The Kijaro XXL Dual Lock camping chair features an organizer for storing items and a mesh cup holder. With a weight of 11.8 lbs, the chair can hold up a maximum weight of 400 lbs. You can count on the portability of this chair as it comes with a carry bag.


  • 400 lbs maximum capacity
  • Sturdy materials
  • Portable with carry-bag
  • Easy to assemble
  • Organizer and cup holder

  • Jams
  • Rivets sheer off

3. Timber Ridge Camping Folding Quad Chair

Timber Ridge Camping Folding Quad Chair
Timber Ridge Camping Folding Quad Chair

Family camping gear is what the Timber Ridge brand focuses on. This camping folding quad chair from the brand is a stable one with a 22.5 inches width and 22 inches height. You have several color options to go for, and this includes blue, black, earth, and camouflage.

The style of this camping chair is quite modern with a polyester fabric material and a powder-coated steel frame. It comes assembled, and it is 180 degrees rotatable, which means you adjust it to the best comfortable position. The seat and armrest are foam-padded.

However, the Timber Ridge Camping Folding Quad Chair does not offer much in terms of storage as it features just a swivel cup holder on one side. The chair can hold up to 300 lbs of weight at maximum; meanwhile, it weighs about 13 lbs. For portability, this Timber Ridge chair can be folded, and a carry bag is included.


  • 300 lbs maximum capacity
  • 180 degrees rotatable
  • Foam padding
  • Cupholder
  • Portable

  • Might be too ridged
  • Back too perpendicular

4. Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair

Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair
Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair

From Guide Gear, this is one uniquely designed camping chair for big guys; it is designed almost like a home sofa for optimal comfort. The seat is 17.72 inches high and has a width of 25 inches with a 34” length. It comes in two colors, the first being red plaid and the second, tan/brown.

The material used for construction is polyester with water-resistant polyurethane coating while the frame was made with steel. The seat features extra cushioning on each side, and at the back, it requires no serious assembly as you just have to unfold it, and it stands. On the right side of the chair, you’ll find a mesh pocket where you can store stuff and also a cup holder.

The Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair is recommended as the best oversized camping chair on this list. The maximum weight capacity of this unit is 500 lbs and it weighs 13.12 lbs. Furthermore, a storage bag is included for easy transport.


  • 500 lbs weight
  • Water-resistant material
  • Extra cushioning
  • Mesh pocket and cup holder
  • Carry bag

  • Takes space when folded
  • Not very easy to fold

5. KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Padded Director Chair

KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Padded Director Chair
KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Padded Director Chair

Wherever you see the KingCamp logo, you know it is a camping and outdoor product. Here we have a heavy-duty camping chair designed like a director’s chair. It features a standard black & grey color and a depth of 23.5 inches with a 23.6 inches width.

KingCamp constructed this director camping chair using oxford fabric material and an alloy steel frame. The seat and back are padded to provide comfort, and no assembly is required to use as the chair opens and closes with ease. There is a cooler bag on one side of the chair, which is insulated to maintain the drinks’ temperature. Also, there is a large pocket at the back for storing items.

As a heavy-duty camping chair, this product has a maximum weight capacity of 353 lbs. Despite that, it is one of the not-so-heavy camping chairs for big guys as it weighs only 11.2 lbs and comes with a storage bag. You are assured of quality when you purchase the KingCamp HeavyDuty Camping Folding Padded Director Chair as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

This item was previously featured in our post titled; Best Camping Chair With Back Support


  • 353 lbs maximum capacity
  • No assembly required
  • Insulated cooler bag and large back pocket
  • Not too heavy
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Not very easy to unfold
  • Might be too low to the ground

6. Timber Ridge XXL Directors Camping Chair

Timber Ridge XXL Directors Camping Chair
Timber Ridge XXL Directors Camping Chair

We’ve looked at the Timber Ridge Camping Folding Quad Chair, and now we have the XXL Directors Camping Chair from the same brand. This is a chair with 19.7 inches depth and a 28.1 inches width; its height is measured at 34.6 inches. It comes in grey color.

The Timber Ridge XXL Directors Camping Chair features an aluminum frame and a polyester seating material. It is a folding chair that won’t require much to assemble other than unfolding. The user-friendly design makes the chair comfortable to use, and this includes the padded armrest and padded seat.

A cup holder is featured on one side of the chair and also featured is a flip-down side table that you’ll be thankful for. Below the seat is a small net bag that can hold small items. A maximum weight recommendation of 600 lbs makes this Timber Ridge chair one of the best camping chairs for big guys.

However, the chair has a relatively high weight at 20 lbs. It doesn’t come with any carry bag for transport, but there are carry handles to utilize when folded.


  • 600 lbs maximum capacity
  • Easy to fold
  • User-friendly design
  • Flip-down side table
  • Net bag & cup holder
  • Carry handles

  • Heavy
  • No carry bag

7. ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair
ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair

The ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair is an Amazon Choice product for “moon camping chair.” Therefore, if a heavy-duty moon camping chair is what you seek, this is a good product to consider. It is an oversized chair measuring 31.4 inches in width and 35.4 inches in height. There are three color options to choose from, red, blue, and faience.

The materials used include Oxford for the fabric and heavy-duty steel for the frame; to provide optimal comfort, the seat is well-padded. Moon chairs are usually not difficult to set up, and this one is not an exception. In fact, it comes assembled and only requires unfolding.

You don’t get much extra storage space with this camping chair; on the side of the chair is a side pocket, and that’s all. Nevertheless, the chair would work well for big guys as it has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. It weighs 13.9 lbs, comes with a carry bag, and won’t be difficult to transport.


  • 350 lbs maximum weight
  • Heavy-duty steel material
  • Comes assembled
  • Padded seat
  • Carry bag

  • Less storage space
  • Aluminum rivets

8. Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair
Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

Coleman is a renowned brand when it comes to outdoor camping gear & equipment, and this Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair from the brand is an Amazon Choice product. You can shop this product in blue or topo print design colors, and it has a 24 inches width.

The chair was made using a strong steel frame and fabric. It features water-resistant sleeves on the arms and also a draining seat. Once out of the bag, you just have to push down to unfold – no other assembling task is required. It features a plastic storage pocket on one arm, and that’s all the storage space you get.

The Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair has a low weight when compared to other heavy-duty camping chairs. It weighs just 9.9 pounds and yet has a maximum weight recommendation of 600 lbs. A carry bag is included, and the product is covered with a 1-year warranty.


  • 600 lbs maximum capacity
  • Water-resistant sleeves
  • Draining seat
  • Relatively low weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Plastic storage pocket

  • Less storage space
  • Front crossbars might cause discomfort

9. PICNIC TIME ONIVA – Outdoor Folding Camp Chair

PICNIC TIME ONIVA – Outdoor Folding Camp Chair
PICNIC TIME ONIVA – Outdoor Folding Camp Chair

This is an XL outdoor chair from PICNIC TIME under the Oniva brand. The chair measures 26 inches in width and 36 inches. Also, it comes in two color options – black and navy blue.

With a powder-coated steel frame and ripstop polyester canvas material construction, the chair is a very sturdy one. There’s a hanging beverage pocket featured on one of the armrests, and both armrests are padded. You don’t have to assemble.

At 10.4 pounds weight, the PICNIC TIME ONIVA Outdoor Folding Camp Chair has a maximum carrying capacity of 400 lbs. The chair folds inwards, which makes it not only easy to fold but very compact. As a result, it is easy to transport and won’t take up much space.

It does feature a carry bag with shoulder straps. PICNIC Time backs this product with their Built To Last Lifetime Pledge, so quality is assured.


  • 400 lbs weight
  • Sturdy materials
  • Beverage pocket
  • Easy to transport

  • Low armrests
  • Not sturdy on sand

10. YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair

YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair
YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair

YETI made this product to be as unique as possible as its design is sleek. It comes in Charcoal color, and there’s also an option for Navy color. This chair is not much wide with 8.3 in width, so it’s not ideal as an oversized camping chair but for a heavy-duty camping chair.

It was constructed with flex grid fabric and a pack-away frame. With the ground grip feet, it stays stable on any surface. The chair features a cup holder on one side, and as a UV-rated product, it’s quality will not be affected by prolonged use under the sun.

The maximum weight capacity this YETI camp chair can hold is 500 pounds. However, it does have weight itself at about 18 pounds. It comes with a double strap carry bag for portability.


  • 500 pounds maximum capacity
  • Flexgrid fabric
  • Groundgrip feet
  • Cupholder
  • UV rated
  • Carry bag

  • Heavy

Best Camping Chair For Big Guys – Buying Guide

To ensure that the camping chair you purchase is the best, here are some factors to look out for;


Manufacturers make use of different materials when producing camping chairs, and every one of them has its pros and cons. Mostly, the best material option will have to do with the end-use of the chair. For big guys, you would need to go for a camping chair that features very sturdy materials that won’t break when greeted with weight. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money. For the body fabric, many manufacturers utilize polyester material, and it is agreeable that such material is sturdy enough to hold weight. Steel is the most common material used for the frame.


Here’s the question to ask, how much weight can the camping chair hold? This has to do with the maximum weight recommendation of the camping chair and is very much different from the chair’s actual weight. Usually, camping chairs that are large-sized do have a large carrying capacity. The best way to go about this is by considering your weight; go for a camping chair with a maximum weight capacity above your weight. As mentioned earlier, heavy-duty camping chairs are optimized to hold a large amount of weight, and some can hold about 300 to 500 pounds and above. The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair can hold up to 800 pounds.


This now has to do with the actual weight of the chair. Since you’re going for a heavy-duty camping chair and not a minimal one, you shouldn’t be surprised when you come across chairs with high weights because these are often large chairs. Nevertheless, you should have to deal with an unnecessary amount of weight, especially when you aim to minimize space. Some heavy duty camping chairs are heavier than others. Therefore, you should put weight into consideration. An ideal heavy duty camping chair with a considerable weight is the Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair or the KingCamp Director’s Chair.


How easy is the chair to use, and how easy is it to set up? These are the questions you need to ask. Oversized camping chairs do not come standing; they would take up a lot of storage space. While going camping, you also cannot leave them standing for the same reason. You’ll have to set them up when you want to use them. While some chairs can be popped up by simply unfolding, others might be a pain in the neck, and the latter is what you want to avoid.

Extra Features

The basic need for a chair is to sit down, but little extra features would do no harm, and they’ll make the chair more convenient. Some of these extra features include leg rests, cup holders, head pads, arms pads, etc. Getting a plain chair is no fun, which is why you should consider these extra features. Nevertheless, as large-sized chairs, most heavy-duty chairs come with several extra features, unlike their minimal counterpart. The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair is an ideal option for a heavy-duty camping chair with several extra features.


Heavy-duty camping chairs can be very expensive, which is quite understandable due to their size. However, that does not mean that you need to break the bank to pay over the odds to get one, but at the end of the day, you want something of worth. While it is important to put quality first and quality products are not cheap, there are durable oversized camping chairs you can get at affordable prices. You can consider the Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair for affordability.


Heavy Duty Outdoor Chairs – FAQs

Q: How much weight can a camping chair hold?

A: This depends on the size and quality of the chair. The best-oversized camping chair can hold a good amount of weight, up to 300 pounds.

Q: What’s the best heavy duty camping chair?

A: There are many high-quality and durable, heavy-duty camping chairs you can purchase. Ten of them are listed above.

Q: Are moon chairs comfortable?

A: Depending on the material, the sitting area is made of, moon chairs can be very comfortable. Also, most of them are sturdy enough to hold up heavyweight.

Q: How do I assemble a heavy-duty camping chair?

A: Such chairs can be relatively easy to set up irrespective of the fact that they are tagged “heavy-duty.” The assembly instructions will be included by the manufacturer, along with all the necessary tools.

Q: Are camping chairs waterproof?

A: Some camping chairs are waterproof, but you shouldn’t assume any chair to be waterproof unless specified by the manufacturer. Even if it is waterproof, there’s no point leaving it outside all the time.

Final Thoughts

Going on a camping trip without a chair would result in a relatively grim experience. You will need to sit for relaxation or discussing and even to eat meals. The best camping chair for big buys to go for depends on several factors as our buying guide points out.

You have to put these factors into consideration before making a purchase. In addition to the factors discussed, we’ve listed 10 of the best heavy-duty camps to make the task easier. These chairs are very durable, and customers who have bought and used them attest to their quality.

Best Camping Chair for Big Guys

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