Are Poodles Good Hiking Dogs?

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Hiking is one of the most memorable and life-changing adventures of all time.

And if you are in doubt about sharing these grand experiences with your poodle dog, you might be asking, “are poodles good hiking dogs”?

Well, you are on the right post!

First of all, you need to make sure you get the most enjoyable experience from your time outdoors. To do that, you need to ensure you are adequately prepared. Proper preparation helps you pack the right items (for you and your poodle) and choose the best trails for your hike(s).

This post will address the top concerns about the poodle dog and why it is good for hiking.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What breed of dog is called the poodle?

poodle dogs
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The poodle dog breed is believed to have originated from both Germany and France. It is called Pudel in German and the Caniche in French.

This dog breed is very active and athletic, making it cool for hiking and other outdoor events.

The poodle is a breed of water dog, and it is divided into four categories based on its size which is namely:

  • The Standard Poodle:– Hunters originally used the standard poodle dog to retrieve game from water.
  • The Medium Poodle: The medium poodle isn’t universally accepted or a recognized variety.
  • The Miniature Poodle: Both the miniature and Toy variety of poodle dogs were used back in France as circus performers. Over the years have become popularly used as companion dogs.
  • The Toy Poodle: These are generally weaker than the other varieties and won’t be much of the ideal hiking dog.

Now that we know the different varieties of poodle dogs and their origin. It is time to answer the most frequently asked questions about the poodle dog and hiking.

Are Poodles Good Hiking Dogs?

Poodle Dogs Hiking
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To answer this question, let’s first highlight the several unique qualities of the poodle dog breed.

  1. The poodle dog breed can endure tough weather conditions including cold, and harsh environments that you are likely to face during hiking.
  2. These dogs are comfortable around water. Wildfowl hunters used them to retrieve games from the water.
  3. The poodle dog has the stamina, endurance, breathing capabilities, and athletic enough to keep up with your pace no matter how long you hike.
  4. The standard poodle dog is big enough and suitable for hiking because it adapts quickly to its surroundings.

When choosing a partner for hiking, you must consider these qualities we mentioned above.

A standard poodle can hike up to 10miles when it’s fully matured and well trained.

Considering the above point, you will agree that poodle dogs make great hiking companions and great for other outdoor adventures.  So, yes, go ahead and hike your poodle friend.

Do Poodle Dogs Like To Hike?

Poodle dogs enjoy hiking because they enjoy being outside. This breed is just about the outdoors. Poodles’ versatility is the number one trait that attracts most hikers to them. They are born hikers!

How Old Should A Poodle Be Before Hiking Him?

To get the best from poodle dogs is to expose them early to hiking.  When they are still very young, poodle dogs still thrive during hiking, and you will be amazed at how they adjust to severe weather conditions even at such an early stage.

We have learned several steps that can help you train and raise a fantastic hiking poodle dog.

Puppies can go hiking from 9 – 12 weeks. At this stage, the pups can adapt and enjoy the ride because it’s what they are born for.

However, puppies do not need to be too stretched, or over-exercised and short walks will do just fine. This is because the growth plates are still forming new cells to lengthen their small bones.

So there is no need for rigorous running, walking, or training that will impact their adulthood negatively.

You can balance exposing the poodle dog early and not stressing their bones during hiking by backpacking the puppies.

You should hike for a shorter period and cover shorter distances too (4 – 6miles) or 6 – 9KM and let the puppies out to play depending on the weather condition between 30minutes to an hour.

How Far Can A Poodle Hike In A Day?

Are Poodles Good Hiking Dogs
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The size of the poodle and age plays a huge role in the distance the poodle can cover.

The standard poodle can give you more than 3miles at a higher speed, but it is generally recommended not to go more than a mile distance per time.

A standard poodle can go 40 – 60 minutes or more depending on its training and stamina.

If you have trained the poodle dog very well, then he can beat the odds.

Your vet can give you a more direct guideline because he can tell how fit your pet is.

The miniature poodle can cover the same distance as the standard poodle but at a much slower pace because of its size and legs.

The mini poodle can comfortably walk, run with you between 30 – 40 minutes or even more.

The Toy poodle legs are too short to run long distances but can give you long distances too when walking.

The Toy poodle can walk for about 20 – 25minutes.

The toy poodle isn’t built for long-distance running and won’t cover the same distances as the other poodle breed.

We do not really recommend hiking the toy poodle.

The standard poodle is best for long-distance hiking. And can actually go for up to 10 miles per day

How Much Exercise Does A Poodle Need To Exercise Daily?

Poodles generally require exercise to build stamina and give you their best during hiking.

Exercising is a crucial part of the training of the poodle, and from their early ages as puppies, they need exercises to grow well.

It is recommended that you add about 5 minutes walk to its routine every month.

As you add 5minutes walk monthly, watch out for the way it pants, how it lags behinds, or if they stop to lay down to rest.

If you see these signs, know they have had enough for that day.

Are Poodles Good Off-Leash?

Don’t let the looks of the poodle deceive you. The pretty looks and poofy hair shouldn’t fool you to believe that they only for red carpets, as we see in Hollywood.

The poodle breed is an intelligent and obedient dog.

Originally, hunters use poodles in the wild and can retrieve games in the water and land.

Poodles can go to lengths with you where other breeds of dogs won’t attempt.

You can easily train the poodle for off-leash work. It’s more like they are purposely bred to work off-leash.

Yes, with the right training and exposure, your poodle dog will easily show its intelligence, reliability, and adaptation by working off its leash.

How To Train Your Poodle Dog For Hiking

With the ever-energetic poodle dog, it mustn’t be a problem for yourself and or anyone else during hiking.

Respecting other people’s space shows how well a dog’s behavior has been trained.

This is why it is so important your poodle understands the seven basic commands for dogs. The command of sit, down, stay, off, heel, and no.

A dog who has mastered the seven commands is a good P.R. for everyone, and there are three basic things to put in mind when training a dog for hiking.

  1. You should train your dog on how to behave appropriately around people.
  2. The dog must properly understand either voice or hand command of Come, Sit, Stay, and Down, the basic repertoire.
  3. Your dog should be able to control its exciting impulses and obeys commands, both verbal and hand signals, despite the prevailing distractions of Light, Sound, and the Trails of smells everywhere.

It is quite important to begin training your dog for hiking very early because it looks almost impossible to get the dog to understand these commands if you think about their exuberant behavior.

It is more doable if you start early. The poodle dog is smart and intelligent to learn fast.

Things To Watch Out For When Hiking With Your Poodle

Hiking gives incredible memories, and watching your poodle revel in nature’s purest form is refreshing and beyond words.

But, you don’t want anything to mess things up for you; that’s why you must be careful to watch out for these pitfalls and avoid them.

  1. Hiking Etiquette: Get your facts right. Are dogs allowed? Thankfully, many hiking areas allow dogs, but there are restrictions and bye-laws here and there. Please get to know them. It pays to practice the B.A.R.K. rule if it’s a national park.
  • B- bag your pet waste
  • A- always leash your pet
  • R- respect wildlife
  • K- know where you can go
  1. Hiking Safety: The safety of your poodle must be your top priority. So ensure your dog is healthy, fit, and energetic enough before embarking on that adventure.
  • Avoid hiking in an overly hot weather condition.
  • Be on the lookout for how your dog pants and other stress signs like stopping, laying down, and lagging.
  • Learn preventive measures from tick and flea territory and how to remove them.
  1. Know the most likely dangers and common threats your poodle dog will encounter.
  2. Learn how to load the poodle’s pack to ensure its comfort and safety.

What To Bring When Hiking With A Poodle

  1. The poodle first aid kit
  2. The poop bags
  3. Food, water, and treats
  4. Its favorite toys
  5. Extra dog clothes

Cool Things About Hiking With A Poodle

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  1. Your poodle’s intuition, alertness, and intelligence make you feel more secure.
  2. Hiking can help your poodle to reduce depression, boredom, and even destructive behaviors.
  3. Hiking with your poodle is a great way to improve and set your metabolisms.
  4. Poodle is a great companion during hiking.
  5. The curiosity of your poodle wi helps you to appreciate nature at its finest.
  6. Hiking with your poodle gives you both the opportunity to enjoy nature and stay fit.

Final Notes

You and your four-legged best friend have a better shot at basking in nature at its finest and purest form during hiking.

You can never tell how much fun you will have if you have never gone out on an outdoor adventure.

But you will need to prepare in the best possible ways and find everything thing you will ever need to safely go hiking with your poodle.

If you follow carefully what is contained in this article, you will be well guided and informed on the several steps and checks you should do to get prepared and the best from your next outdoor adventure.

Poodles are intelligent and energetic, having the right stamina for anyone who wishes for a hiking partner.

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